As time and people's needs change,
the parts we produce continue to develop to the ones with higher performance,
which are high-function parts which materialize engineers' advanced skills and enthusiasm.


We mainly produce linkage parts to transmit driving torque converted from rotation force created in the engine.
We produce parts for manual transmission (MT) and automated manual transmission (AMT).

Undercarriage component

These are parts to support wheels of vehicles. We produce axle shafts, intermediate shafts, etc.
These are parts to transmit driving torque directly,so they are produced under sufficient management as critical parts.

Constant velocity joint

Constant velocity joint (CVJ) is a component used for a driving shaft or a steering shaft.
CVJ can realize smooth transmission of torque, even if the angle of the input and the output axes is at any angle.

Other parts

We produce various parts apart from transmission,undercarriage and constant velocity joint components.
We can deal with various products by outsourcing the processes we can not handle such as press, casting,
forging and heading to our cooperative companies.

Other parts