While establishing integrated process/production system from material to lathe turning, heat treatment, grinding and assembly.
We think that it is the first thing that we always explore new manufacturing technology for every process and provide safe,
functional and reasonable products which constantly exceed what customers expect.


We process work pieces with cutting tools, using machine such as lathes, grinders, machining centers.
We strive to create products at low prices with high quality through examining the most appropriate processing method to the shape and the accuracy out of various machine tools.

Other process

We are ready to do processes other than machining. Regarding processes which are not introduced here such as rolling, heading, die-casting, heat treatment and surface treatment, integrated production is possible by our machining of what we procure from our cooperative companies.


Under the concept that the quality of products to be finally used is important, we can handle not only process of a single component but welding and assembly.
We can provide products with high quality by combining with our evaluation system.

Evaluation system
Measuring apparatus

We evaluate accuracy and performance of the assembled products with the special inspection facilities and in a stage of development applying the tests to promote wear or breakage can make the period of evaluation shorter.
We evaluate not only simple accuracy but strength or endurance.。

Major facility we own

Major facility we own